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The One Stop Shop

  • A single point of contact for all your technical and commercial requirements.
  • Consolidated hardware assets and digital services to optimize business value.
  • Lower overall expenses for VPL, PPL, and PRS licenses by leveraging an innovative business music streaming platform.
  • A committed team for scheduling and management.
  • Nationwide Service Level Agreement (SLA) for maintaining network stability.
  • Implementing additional media solutions to drive revenue growth.
  • Robust commercial support for partner teams.

Support Hub

We tailor a package to your business needs, with 360-degree, 7-days a week support to ensure that there is minimal downtime.

We offer an extensive support service that covers, but is not limited to, all aspects of administrator-level content management for both music and Venue TV content scheduling. Our daily support encompasses content management, hardware, and technical issue resolution. Additionally, we provide a complete onboarding process, an introductory pack for all venues, and in-venue support materials.

Our Services

We will work with you to create a custom package that best suits your businesses needs

Branded Channel

Customize your internal messaging to meet the specific needs of your center. Whether you need to display personal trainer details or class schedules, we make the process simple and straightforward.

Digital Posters

Typically located in entrance, exit and areas with high dwell time such as cafes and bars. Venue owners use to cross promote services and useful venue information such as opening times and special offers.

Venue music provision

Each venue has its own unique tone of voice and we ensure that the music backdrop is tailored to match. As the audience changes over the day, so does the music selection.

Content management

Trafficking content to the right screens at the right time required careful management. Centrally managed from our London content hub. Through a dedicated and secure file sharing service all the heavy lifting is taken care of.

Content Curation

Design team ingest your content and manage curation to form a bespoke content stream as part of a dedicated house channel.

Content creation

Don’t have your own content. Not to worry. We create content streams to suit the needs of your venue. Draw upon 20 plus years’ experience in running digital signage for venues.

Content Partnerships

Sourcing content partners with fully licenced content that is rights cleared. Where you're venue runs a dedicated house channel, mix house messaging with entertainment content to keep your customers engaged.

Advertising Subsidy

We discreetly integrate media formats to allow advertising to contribute to the experience and allowing the venue to benefit from and advertising subsidy. This reduces the net cost of running venue digital signage if a venue opt-in to Sports Revolutions advertising package.

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