Why Choose Us?

At Sports Revolution, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in securing and managing sponsorship opportunities. If your brand seeks a high-impact sponsorship property to elevate your presence or an efficient way to engage with diverse markets, look no further – you’re in the right hands.

Our Focus

At Sports Revolution, our primary focus is on maximizing sponsor return on investment (ROI) and enhancing fan engagement. Our unique approach places brand strategy at the core of our operations, ensuring that every sports-related engagement is seamlessly integrated into the broader communication plan. Our skilled team has successfully negotiated deals for the FA, EFL, numerous English Premier League Partnerships, Athletics, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, European Basketball, and many more prominent sporting events.

Platform-neutral Advice​

At Sports Revolution, we provide unbiased, platform-neutral advice and embrace a transparent approach to sponsorship acquisition. Unlike rights owners who may promote their own interests, our priority is to offer impartial guidance and recommend sponsorship opportunities that align with your target audience. Our commitment is to ensure the perfect fit for your brand’s needs.

We Understand
The Fan

Fan behaviour is motivated by something far deeper, richer and more innately human than a passion for football or a sense of national pride. Guided by consumers media consumption habits, we at Sports Revolution prioritize understanding the reach and frequency metrics of each potential sponsorship property, as well as the opportunities and challenges that come with aligning your brand with a specific property. Our goal is to ensure that both reach and engagement are achieved as a minimum baseline for your brand’s success.

Integrating With Social Movements?

Unsure how social movements like #MeToo and BLM can be incorporated into your sponsorship strategy? Wondering if mental health can serve as a viable platform for sponsorship? Independent, impartial advice is essential in navigating these complex issues. Sports have the unique ability to captivate hearts and minds, and with the right guidance, your brand can successfully play a role in this arena. Trust in our expertise to help you make the right decisions for your brand and sponsorship strategy.


The London 2012 Olympics served as a source of inspiration for an entire generation. Many brands, uninterested in high-profile trophy sponsorships, sought to align themselves with participation in sports instead. To inspire people to engage in physical activity, sponsors can effectively drive motivation through powerful communication strategies. Traditional above-the-line creative communications may lack the emotional resonance required for true inspiration. By associating with grassroots sports and fostering participation, brands not only raise awareness but also generate a sense of warmth and goodwill towards their brand.

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